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Ring Video Doorbell Pro vs SkyBell HD – What’s the best video doorbell for your front door?

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Is that a family member, friend, annoying door-to-door salesman, handyman, your Amazon delivery, or a thief attempting to steal your package at the front door? Without a video doorbell, you need to go to the door, let alone be home, to find out.
The doorbell is likely one of the last items you think of when it comes to smart technology. However, it is one of the most useful in an age where more time is spent shopping and working from the comfort of your home. Video doorbells provide video feeds that allow you to see who’s at the door and some allow you to respond over a speaker from virtually anywhere. They are also a great companion to in-home security cameras to provide additional security and peace of mind. Two of the best video doorbells at a reasonable price are the Ring Video Doorbell Pro (owned by Amazon) and SkyBell HD.

Video Doorbell Comparison

Ring Video Doorbell Pro


  • Customizable Motion Zones
  • No batteries to deal with
  • Better range of view at 160 degrees


  • Does not store recordings without at least a $3 per month subscription
  • Higher product price

SkyBell HD


  • Lower overall price
  • 7 days of recordings stored for FREE
  • Operates at a wider range of temperatures (-40 – 140 degrees F)


  • Lower range of view at 120-130 degrees
  • High number of complaints regarding stability

Detailed Video Doorbell Review

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Installation of Ring Video Doorbell Pro and SkyBell HD video doorbells are similar with some minor differences. The process is much more challenging if you don’t have wiring from an existing doorbell, but we won’t cover that here. So, how do you install the Ring Video Doorbell Pro or SkyBell HD?

Here are the steps for video doorbell setup:

  1. Turn off the power connected to your doorbell (Note: Voltage going to the doorbell is low, but this is a recommended precaution)
  2. Unscrew or unmount the existing doorbell from the side of your home
  1. Charge included replaceable battery to ensure it’s fully charged (SkyBell HD only)
  2. Screw in the included mounting plate to the side of your house
  3. Install the battery and connect the video doorbell to the mounting plate
  4. Turn on the power to the doorbell
  5. Download the Ring Video Doorbell app or MyQ Smart Garage Control app for iOS or Android devices
  6. Follow the instructions to connect to and set up your video doorbell
  7. Check the camera video stream on the app to make sure there are no issues
  8. Update alert and video preferences in the app

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro does not have a battery and is powered only by a hard-wired connection to your house. Given that, there is no excuse for missing a visitor at the door because you forgot to replace the batteries. Some may not like this, but it’s more reliable a one less thing you have to think about.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

One amazing configuration the Ring Video Doorbell Pro offers that makes it stand out is the ability to set custom Motion Zones. This is perfect if you want to trigger the video feed only when someone approaches the porch or a certain area in view instead of people walking on the sidewalk.

Advantage: Ring Video Doorbell Pro


The Ring Video Doorbell Pro and SkyBell HD have motion sensors which notify you when someone is in view without having to rely on them ringing the doorbell. Both video doorbells offer 1080p video resolution, night vision, 24/7 monitoring, and have a built-in mic/speaker for two-way chat.

One amazing feature that both video doorbells have is the ability to snooze or silence the doorbell for a period of time. You will still receive alerts from the motion sensor, so this is a great solution for napping children (or adults), ignoring solicitors, and is a remedy for neighborhood kids playing ding-dong-ditch.

However, there are several key differences to note. SkyBell HD offers free hosted recordings while Ring Video Doorbell Pro requires a subscription (Protection Basic or Plus Plans) to access recordings for 60 days. This subscription can cost an additional $3 or $30 per month depending on the plan selected.

SkyBell HD Video Doorbell

Ring has a better range of view at 160 degrees, while the SkyBell HD video doorbell only provides a 120-130 degree view. Ring also works with Amazon Alexa devices since the product is owned by Amazon.

Advantage: Ring Video Doorbell Pro


The mobile apps for both products are also easy to use and very intuitive. The apps provide access to your video doorbell feed, notifications when the doorbell or motion sensors are triggered, and other controls like the ability to use the built-in mic/speaker for two-way chat.

However, both products seem to have stability challenges with their apps with comments regarding occasional delayed or unresponsive video feeds and issues with motion sensors triggering appropriately. In many cases, the issues were resolved or a replacement was sent under the one year warranty. One thing to note, you will need a strong internet connection to ensure the video feed is uninterrupted and high quality. This is the case with these video doorbells or any WiFi connected security camera. I’d recommend either moving your router closer to the video doorbell or purchasing a WiFi Extender.

Advantage: Ring Video Doorbell Pro (slight advantage with better reliability)


Ring Video Doorbell Pro list price: $249 (Buy Now). Subscriptions to save video recordings for 60 days and other features like an extended warranty and professional monitoring for $3 or $30 per month depending if you select the Protection Basic or Plus Plan.

SkyBell HD list price: $199 (Buy Now).

Advantage: SkyBell HD

Recommended Video Doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro (Buy Now) is the best WiFi enabled video doorbell under $250 that is easy to set up and offers advanced motion sensors with a reasonably priced subscription for video recording if you require this feature. This is a high quality product backed by Amazon and is our top recommended video doorbell for your home.

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