Nest Cam vs Amazon Cloud Cam – What’s the best DIY security camera?

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It’s often thought that you need to purchase an expensive home security system and/or service to watch over your home and everything in it. Certainly the more sensors and cameras you mount, the more likely you’ll catch or ideally prevent an intrusion. However, a self-installed internet protocol (IP) security camera that works over your home WiFi may be all you really need if you just want essential security for your home or apartment. Two of the best IP security cameras to provide essential coverage are the Nest Cam (owned by Google) and Amazon Cloud Cam.

Security Camera Comparison

Amazon Cloud Cam


  • 24 hours of video stored in the cloud
  • Lower price
  • Records video in 1080p


  • Limited number of security cameras and storage without subscription
  • Lower range of view at 120 degrees

Nest Cam


  • Connectivity with Nest Thermostat and other products
  • Allows connection of up to 10 security cameras
  • Lower subscription fees
  • Better range of view at 130 degrees


  • Higher product price
  • Only records snapshots or images without subscription

Detailed Smart Security Camera Review

Review Categories:

  • Ease of Install
  • Monitoring & Recording
  • Connectivity Options
  • Pricing


Installation of Nest Cam or Amazon Cloud Cam smart cameras simply could not be easier. There are slight differences, but the following are the basic steps to get the security cameras going:

  1. Install the Nest Cam or Amazon Cloud Cam mobile app and register your account
  2. Connect to the same WiFi network your camera will be on
  3. Add the camera device(s)
  4. Name your cameras based on location
  5. Check the camera video stream on the app to make sure there are no issues
  6. Place or mount the camera(s) in desired locations
  7. Update alert and video preferences in the app

Advantage: Tie


The Nest Cam and Amazon Cloud Cam security cameras let you know when there is some activity in the camera’s view. This includes triggers when a person comes into view, a motion is detected, or a noise is heard. Both offer the capability to capture video in 1080p (Nest requires subscription), provide night vision, monitor 24/7, record to the cloud, built-in mic/speaker, and discerns between a human and pet.

Nest Cam’s security camera has a slightly better range of view at 130 degrees, while the Amazon Cloud Cam provides a 120-degree view.

However, where things diverge is that Nest Cam only stores 3 hours worth of snapshots or images of activity with no video or audio (requires subscription). Amazon Cloud Cam saves 24 hours worth of video, giving it a big advantage.

The mobile apps for both products are also very intuitive with easy access to your security camera feed, notifications when activity is identified, and other controls like the ability to use the built-in speaker on the cameras to let yourself be heard.

Subscription Upgrades: Nest Cam does offer upgraded features with a subscription to Nest Aware. You can be notified when something happens in a pre-defined area of your camera’s view, access to a continuous video history to see everything the camera saw, and get more advanced monitoring capabilities. Amazon Cloud Cam’s subscription tiers give you the ability to view the video for 7/14/30 days and connect up to 3/5/10 devices.

Advantage (free service): Amazon Cloud Cam

Advantage (subscription): Nest Cam


Amazon Cloud Cam supports 3 security cameras (more with subscription) while Nest Cam allows for many more. Amazon Cloud Cam has built-in Alexa and also works with IFTTT. Nest Cam works with Nest, IFTTT, and now offers built-in Google Assistant.

Advantage: Nest Cam


Amazon Cloud Cam

Check Price on Amazon

Optional subscriptions are $6.99 / $9.99 / $19.99 per month.

Nest Cam

Check Price on Amazon

Optional Nest Aware subscription for $5 per month.

Recommended Smart Security Camera

Amazon makes high-quality products at reasonable prices. The Amazon Cloud Cam (Buy Nowis no exception and is our top recommended essential security camera with its easy to set up, 24-hour high definition recording, and low priced security camera. You simply cannot go wrong for security and peace of mind at this price.

The only reason I’d recommend the Nest Cam (Buy Nowover the Amazon Cloud Cam is if you’ve already got a suite of Nest products installed in your home.

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